Rashed’s images have the unsettling effect of cubist paintings or work by Joel-Peter Witkin. Exaggerating features, he sees plasticity in the human face, molding and shaping it like clay to create the stuff of nightmares.
— Felicia Feaster, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rashed’s images lend an intimate life-like quality to man-made objects. In addition to being a practical and respectful documentation of our weathered tools, it also offers encouragement for technological advancement.
— Alexandra Irrera, Houston Press

I am a fine art photographer working in all genres of photographic practice, focusing on science and technology and its place in our culture and environment and its impact on human psychology.

In modern society, we have access to greater information and more options to choose from than in past eras. While there are advantages to this, it forces each of us to digest more complex ideas and interact with more complicated systems and networks. This complexity is likely to grow exponentially in the near future, catalyzed by technology and information. While some people are adept at dealing with this, ever greater numbers are struggling. We can see the partial impact of this with greater incidences of mental anguish and the increased need for daily pharmaceutical support to cope. 

As a participant in the application of ever more sophisticated technologies in our lives, I have a front seat view of our increasingly complicated world. My experience as someone who succumbed to and recovered from the distress of this greater complexity that we must grapple with, has made me aware of the need for a better balance. 

My artistic explorations are motivated by the duality and conflict of these experiences, where science and technology impact society and human psychology. Through my work, I hope to challenge the cultural ambivalence and enhance our mindfulness about the choices we make that increase the complexity of our lives, on both societal and individual levels.